Jan. 3rd, 2010

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So a little birdie, in the form of an automated message from LiveJournal informed me that it was going to be Elf_Jet's birthday on January 5th....

Since there is a huge time difference between where I live and where she lives it might actually be that now!  LOL...

Therefore, in honor of Elf's penchant for wall scenes, I thought I would post this.  It was I'm sure based at least in part on Elf's own "If Only" series, because I have no doubt whatever 'wall scene' I write this story will be in the back of my head rattling around while I do it.


This is an excerpt from an original story that I have begun... it will actually undergo a fairly extensive re-write shortly but I believe this little scene will remain in the story fairly intact. 

As I said this is an original story so all the characters and places are, surprisingly, mine.  LOL

I honestly can't remember if I've sent this to Kam for beta reading or not, but I've made a few adjustments to it recently so any mistakes are my own.

It's basically a PWP and should be rated accordingly.... What exactly is the ratings system for fanfic anyway, is there a standard?  Anyway, whatever the rating is for two women having sex... that is what this one should be rated for.. LOL.

Now, gotta stop rambling or this part will be longer than the bit!  LOL


Happy Birthday Elf )


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