Jun. 6th, 2010

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I woke up thinking about my beloved Aunt Louise.  She was more like a Grandma to me than an Aunt, she was actually my Dad's Aunt.  But I think my brother and I were at her  house more than our own while we were growing up.  She had a small country 'beauty shop' in one room of her house that my Mom worked in.  So we would be there while Mom was working... when we got to be school age we got off the bus there instead of our own house... sometimes even when Mom wasn't working we would ride our bikes from home to Aunt Louise's... we only lived two miles away from each other.  She never had kids of her own and I always thought that was a shame because she would have been a really cool Mom I think.  But she totally indulged my brother and me.  The way I explain the indulgence to people is that, for example, when she would ask us what we wanted to eat, for ...whatever meal, breakfast, lunch, snack... we rarely had supper there... but if I said something... and my brother said something TOTALLY different... she would make both so we could have what we wanted.  :)  

I don't remember a whole lot of things from when I was growing up, but the majority of things I do remember revolve around this woman and being at her house.  I always tease my husband because he can remember things from when he was very, VERY young.... and I can't remember squat from ages that young... except one thing.  When I was three...maybe four... I remember wanting to smoke a cigarette... because Aunt Louise smoked...alot.  And I wanted one.. and I wanted one... and she looked at me... I remember she said.. okay.. you can have one... and she MADE me smoke it... because after the first puff I didn't want anymore... but she made me finish it... and... needless to say I didn't ever want to smoke after that.. lol.. even now that memory makes me smile and laugh. 

One of the things she used to cook for my brother and I was called 'oatmeal pancakes'... I loved them and when I got older I begged the recipe out of her... I rarely made them, because even though I had the recipe they never tasted right, not like she could make them... I haven't made them in at least three years or longer....

This morning, I woke up and made oatmeal pancakes.  They were perfect.

I don't know why I'm thinking about her today, but I wish that everyone could have an Aunt Louise, and if you do... tell her you love her. 


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