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It's About Family.... pt 5

an Hourglass story

by Gin


The Lady Constance sat primly at the breakfast table consuming quite a few sweet delicacies a nibble at a time. She knew the habit was one reason she was larger than many women, but she had also seen a few women who were far plumper than she was, so she ignored her growing size and continued her morning ritual. She took small sips of her tea while looking over the rim of the cup at the new arrivals; watching as Andrew gallantly held the chair for Adi to sit then find his own place at the head of the table. She was not thrilled with her brother's newest choice for wife, but then she mused, I wasn't thrilled with the last one either. Constance did allow that over time the Lady Jane, despite her family's hardships, had proven herself to be loyal to Andrew and not just his title or wealth. Jane had also become a close confidant for Constance and her unfortunate death still left a tender spot in Constance's heart. She knew that, as Jane's brother, Jonathan too still keenly felt the woman's absence. She glanced sideways at the man sitting next to her, even now, three years later, a sort of dark miasma surrounded him. Constance wondered if that aura would ever completely lift, or if she even cared. There were many things as of late that concerned her greatly in regards to her relationship with Jonathan. So many that she wondered if continuing her association with him was even wise. A gently clearing throat pulled the Lady from her thoughts.


“Thank you, Lady Constance,” Adi gestured to her current outfit. “This dress is lovely.”


Constance studied her soon-to-be sister. It was a summer frock, with sleeves shortened to allow the breeze to cool one's arms and Adi's arms were quite muscular, nothing like a proper Lady's arms should be. The Lady Jane had been similar, slender but muscular like a peasant who had been working all her life instead of the nobly born woman she actually was. The Lady admitted to herself that the woman her brother had chosen to replace his dead wife wasn't really half bad looking, but her fine features were obscured by some disturbing mannerisms. Constance had noticed this morning that Adi's walk was quite masculine and her hands, her hands were so manly and rough you would think the woman had spent half her life as a sailor. It wasn't too much of an obstacle though, considering how chic gloves were these days. Adi's voice was pleasant enough, which Constance almost envied since her voice was much too highly pitched for even her own ears to find pleasing. Still, the Bingham name and fortune were at stake and Constance wasn't sure she wanted to share that with a perfect stranger. She glanced quickly at the man to her side and wondered if she even wanted to share it with someone she knew. Minding her manners, however, Constance tilted her head to acknowledge her future sister's thanks. “You are quite welcome. I am only sorry I could not attend your friends and assist them in choosing outfits for the day.”


“No need for that.” Kris grinned as she walked into the room, Emma only a few steps behind. “We found something acceptable.”


“Yes,” Emma nodded at the group, Andrew in particular. “These are quite comfortable.”


Jonathan looked up and unconsciously made a sound of disapproval, a cross between a quick exhale and a 'hmpf' at the back of his throat.


Andrew rose, motioning his guests toward two empty seats at the table. “You look...mmmm... lovely.”


“Andrew!” Constance was shocked, these women were... outrageous. “They are wearing your clothing!”


Kris picked up the tumbler in front of her and took a sip of the juice a servant had just poured into it. “Your messenger said we could wear any of the clothing in the trunks.”


“I meant my old clothes... not...” Constance fanned her face with her hand. “Oh dear.”


Andrew chuckled, “Stop being so dramatic, Sister. So they are wearing my old shirts and pants, it is not the end of the world. I've never understood how you manage to move in those long skirts at all.” He grinned at his guests, “These women have earned the right to be our guests for however long they want to stay and they can wear whatever they wish while they're here.”


“Forgive us Lady Constance,” Emma pressed her hand against her chest and bowed slightly in her seat, “All of the dresses we found were quite beautiful, too much so for our simple needs.”


Constance found herself caught in Emma's lilting tones and sincere blue eyes. Even in Andrew's clothes, this woman was beautiful, lithe, and graceful and Constance hated her just a little. Highborn training took over and the Lady smiled, “Of course.”


Emma matched Constance's faux smile then turned her attention to the table and the selections available for breakfast. Her gaze immediately slid past the sugar covered pastries and zeroed in on the basket of bread rolls. She took one and proceeded to cut it in half, slathering it with fruit spread while Kris spoke to their host.


“Sleeping on an actual bed two nights in a row was certainly different,” The hunter ignored the dark look Jonathan was giving them and took a roll for herself but selected sausage to sandwich on it instead of jelly. “but it was a welcome difference.”


Hearing what the woman wasn't saying, the nobleman smiled, “Too soft for you, eh?”


Emma had no trouble owning up to the accusation, “A little, yes.”


Kris reiterated her statement, “It was different.” Pushing back one of the puffy sleeves, the woman reached for the juice pitcher as Emma passed it to her.


Blue eyes twinkled at her friend, “But a welcome difference.” Emma laughed as she took a bite of her roll.


“Speaking of different, appropriate or not, these clothes are a welcome change as well.” Kris chuckled, “Even though we washed our own clothes out just yesterday, wearing something else is a luxury we both enjoy from time to time.”


Andrew smiled at his guests, “Well, as far as I'm concerned the clothing you are wearing is perfectly appropriate for daily wear...” he glanced at Adi, “But we are having a party this evening to celebrate our engagement. Perhaps Constance will help you choose something more....suitable, for that event?”


“I would be more than happy to assist.” Constance graced the table with a tight smile. She knew Jonathan was not happy with the announcement of Andrew's impending nuptials. She had hoped at one time that Jonathan would ask Andrew for permission to take her hand in marriage. She, as her brother had with Jane, didn't care about their family's disgrace and would only a few weeks ago have willingly married the man if he had asked. Constance wondered if Jonathan was simply still too sad about his sister's death to want to be married. If that was the case, perhaps the situation would change eventually, but she thought Jonathan would need to find someone else for that dubious honor. She was no longer so completely enamored of him that she hung on his every word. She listened to him, yes, but now she was beginning to actually hear what the man was saying and often, she didn't like it. No, she decided, there would be no marriage in their future.


“In the mean time,” Kris glanced at Emma before she addressed Andrew specifically, “Would we be permitted to explore the grounds? It was rather dark last night when we arrived so we didn't get to see much. We only saw as much of the house as it took Christopher to guide us to our room.”


“Of course!” Andrew smiled at the women, “Explore as much as you like.” He wasn't sure who he could send as a tour guide though, already he had heard rumors of the new guest's 'unnatural' tendencies. Adi proved to be the perfect partner when she reached out to touch Andrew's arm.


“Perhaps Rebecca could show them the house?” Adi smiled, “I will go feed Morgan soon and won't need her assistance for a while.” In fact, Adi missed spending time alone with the boy. It had just been them for so long, having someone else around, a virtual stranger, was becoming slightly annoying at times.


“Perfect,” Lord Bingham nodded, “Thank you, my love.” He turned to his guests. “I'll have Rebecca meet you at your room.”


Kris saw Jonathan bristle a bit but before she could respond, Adi spoke up.


“Actually, I need to speak to Kris, privately.” Folding her napkin neatly, Adi placed it next to her now empty plate and stood. “We can talk in our rooms, then she and Rebecca can return.”


Andrew's eyebrows rose but he was still agreeable. “Whatever you wish.”


Kris wiped her mouth and also placed her napkin neatly on the table as she stood, “Sounds good.” Her fingertips brushed lightly across Emma's shoulders as she walked past to follow Adi.


Jonathan's quiet sneer broke the silence after the women had gone, “I wonder what that's all about?”


Emma chuckled and met Jonathan's eyes with a smirk, “I'm sure I'll find out later.” The message was clear, eventually Emma would know what was going on, but Jonathan would not. She barely held back her smile as the man reddened.


Andrew had no such control and laughed, “I'm sure we will eventually know, if it concerns us.” He took another bite of his breakfast and was about to extol the virtues of his estate when Christopher appeared at his side, “Yes?”


“That...woman, is here again, sir.”


“Ah...” Andrew sighed as Jonathan made a disgusted noise, “Send her in.”


Andrew, must you conduct business during our meal?” As much as Constance didn't trust their current guests, this newest arrival made the hairs on her arms rise. The woman was the leader of a pagan group that constantly requested the use of Andrew's land for... whatever it was they did. Constance shuddered as the unnaturally tall, red-haired woman followed Christopher into the room.


M'lord,” The woman's melodic voice and graceful bow instantly captured the attention of everyone in the room. “The time for the first Harvest Celebration is nearly upon us. It was our hope you would give us your permission to use the traditional, hallowed glen located on your northern border.”


Emma was elated and knew Kris would be overjoyed, a sacred site on the estate? “Where is this glen?”


It's a few hours easy ride north.” Andrew thought about the request. He had never minded the group using the land. He had to make a show of refusing though, or his household would begin to whisper about his sympathy toward the pagans. He had known a few noblemen who had actually been driven off their lands in the face of 'witchcraft' accusations and although he'd heard his staff grumbling a bit, he knew no one would make an issue of his, 'leniency' toward 'the pagan group'. Living this far away from London did have its advantages.


Hours north?” Emma looked up, matching the woman's electric blue gaze, “You could have used the place and Andrew may never have known.”


True, but we would rather not celebrate under the cloud of possible arrest for trespassing.”


Emma laughed, “Good plan.”


The woman's eyes twinkled with mischief, “We believe so.” She returned her attention to Andrew, “I can return for your answer tomorrow, m'lord.”


No need,” Andrew wiped his mouth and faced the woman, “You may use the place, if two of my people can present.” He knew she would never allow observers. So his permission seemed gracious and it was only her adherence to privacy that denied the group.


Gratitude turned to disappointment as the Priestess realized the condition. “That would be impossible.”


Emma offered, “What about us? Kris and I could attend.” She smiled at the tall Priestess, “We often give thanks for the abundance of the Land...” Emma crossed her fingers under the table and hoping she had guessed the ceremony correctly, spoke in what she thought, hoped, was the Priestess' native language, “It would be an honor to join you for Lughnassadh.


Jonathan went very still, and Constance's eyes widened when they heard Emma speak in a language they'd never heard before.


A brilliant smile lit the woman's face, “The honor would be ours.” Turning to Andrew she bowed, “That would be acceptable.”


Andrew shrugged. He was a little taken back by Emma's ability to speak to the woman in a different language, but brushed it off as an offshoot of his guest's traveling lifestyle. He spoke several languages himself. “Fine then.”


A last bow to Andrew and Emma and the priestess was gone before anyone knew it. They all enjoyed several minutes of silence as they continued eating their breakfast and pondered the encounter.




Lord Bingham knew what the man was going to say. “I don't want to hear it, Jonathan,” Andrew held up his hand for the man to stop speaking, “I gave them permission, now leave them be.” Andrew was not happy with Jonathan's new love of questioning his orders. The nobleman watched as his former brother stood, violently, nearly knocking his chair over in the process. The man threw his napkin down on the table and stalked out of the dining hall in a huff. Lord Bingham sighed and looked at his guest, “Breakfast is not usually this eventful.”


Emma chuckled, “Well eventful is nice, we seem to be gathering events to attend before we leave....”


Leave?” Constance blinked, “When are you leaving?”


Emma took a deep breath, “Soon,” She shrugged, “Kris and I are travelers. We never stay in one place for very long.”


But, I thought... “ Constance was confused, “Aren't you all friends?”


Emma took a sip of her juice, “You mean Adi?” Oh yes, we like her very much, but we only just met her a few days ago. Kris and I have been friends most all our lives. We grew up together.”


Now Constance was very concerned, Jonathan had misinterpreted the entire situation, “Like sisters?”


Emma smiled and nodded, “Very much like sisters.”


Lady Constance daintily wiped her mouth with her napkin and placed it precisely next to her plate, “If you will excuse me.” She had to find Jonathan and explain his mistake. The women weren't together at all, they barely even knew Adi. She stood and nodded regally to her brother and their guest before quickly exiting the room.




Kris looked around the rooms that Adi shared with Andrew, “Your situation has changed.” The plush rooms put the one she and Emma shared to shame and were about as different from the place they'd first met Adi as they could be.


I've never lived with such luxury,” Adi grinned, “If I stay too long here I'll be as soft as Lady Constance.”


Most Lady's are soft.” Kris watched as the woman retrieved a rolled parchment from beside the bed.


I'm no Lady,” Adi's voice was firm, “I am, and always will be, an Amazon.”


Kris nodded, “I... um, yeah... I saw you, after the fight... you took care of two guys, while holding a baby on your back. That is really... excellent.” She hesitated, “Why did you drop the sword and duck away when it was over?”


Adi ran her fingers through her hair, “I was the leader in my tribe, Royalty... I was born into that, but my skills allowed my people to follow me without question.” Adi thought back to the agonizing decision she had to make, in the name of tradition. “When I discovered that I was with child, there was a celebration in our village... when the child was born, male...” Adi pushed the words out, “I was told to kill him.” She didn't react to Kris' gasp, “But I couldn't do it... wouldn't do it... they were going to do it for me, but I took Morgan and ran... ran to the only person in the world that I knew for sure would want Morgan, if not me too.”


Andrew definitely wants you,” Kris smiled at her new friend, “I don't think I've ever seen anyone so in love.”


Adi's brown eyes twinkled at the archer, “I have.” The Amazon grinned as a touch of pink appeared on Kris' cheeks. “Anyway... Why did I hide from Andrew?” She sat on the low couch in the room, “Andrew was so insistent that I not engage in the fighting... and things are so different here. I need to fit in, keep with their customs and from what I understand their women acquiesce to the men, so that is what I must do as well.” No matter how much I hate it.


With a shake of her head, Kris disagreed with that approach, “I suppose it is your right to behave however you like, but Andrew fell in love with you.”


Which is why he will defend any actions I take, even if they are very, un-ladylike.” Adi ground her teeth at the idea of forcing herself to be something she wasn't but knew it was necessary. These people were quick to judge anything different or strange. The news that Jonathan's family had lost everything because of strange actions had worried her. She didn't want Andrew to lose his birthright because of her. There was no way both of them should suffer that kind of loss, not if it could be prevented. “I have to fit in.”


Uh huh.... “You can not hide your true nature,” Kris watched the woman closely, her blue eyes twinkling. “You are an Amazon.”


Adi thought about that then hesitated as she remembered the scroll in her hand. She finally spoke quietly, “So are you.”


Me?!” The statement shocked Kris nearly speechless, “What do you mean?”


Adi offered the scroll to Kris, “This is one of the few things I brought with me when I left my tribe.” She spoke as Kris unrolled the parchment, “It is a portrait of my grandmother.”


Kris looked down at the drawing and blinked when she saw herself staring back from the page.


It's a rather good likeness, don't you think?” Adi had nearly gasped out loud when she realized why Kris had seemed so familiar to her. “We must be related, in some way?”


Smiling at her who-knew-how-many-greats Grandmother, Kris nodded, “Yes, I think that is a distinct possibility.” She took another look at the drawing then handed the portrait back to Adi. Andrew's bow had been enough proof for Kris. This new evidence only served to bring Adi into the loop regarding their connection. Family....


Well, I am glad,” Adi returned the scroll to its place, “I wanted you to see that and tell you that I am very happy that you will be here for my wedding. I think it is bad luck not to have at least some family with you when you are married.” She clasped her hands together a bit nervously, “I wasn't sure how you would react... to the portrait, I mean.”


Kris looked down at the slightly shorter woman and smiled softly, “There is no one here I would rather be related to.” She pulled the woman into a brief hug, reveling in the moment of hugging a female relative, as she never got to do with her own mother. Kris fought the tears threatening to overflow her eyes and reluctantly released the embrace, continuing to speak quietly, “I'm glad to be here with you for your wedding.” The superstition of having family at your wedding had made it to her generation too. Moving away slowly, Kris reminded Adi, “Em's going to be waiting for me...”


Adi nodded, “Of course.”




Andrew watched Constance leave and shook his head, “No matter how long I live, Constance will always be a mystery to me.”


Emma grinned, “Sister's can be tricky things.”


The man nodded and regarded his guest thoughtfully, “You and Kris are more than sisters.”


Mmmm...” Emma didn't confirm or deny that statement, “You don't seem to have a problem with that concept.” The blonde leveled her blue eyes on the man, “Why is that?” Emma knew it was very unusual for a man in this time period to be so open-minded.


Andrew chuckled, “I learned a great many things on my journey East. One of which was that men and women come in all shapes, sizes and predilections... most of which are not inherently bad, or evil.”


And the concept of women being...together?” Emma thought she knew the reason for his acceptance of that scenario and Andrew's next statement confirmed her conclusion.


I spent a great deal of time in the presence of some of Adi's tribe.” He stopped eating and focused on the memory of the first time he met Adi, “A few years ago I was married to a very lovely young woman, Jonathan's sister. She was killed in an unfortunate horseback riding accident. I was heartbroken. I journeyed East trying to lose myself and ease my grief.” He shook his head, “It didn't help. I eventually became very ill, feverish and delirious. I probably would have died had it not been for Adi and her people.” He sighed and chuckled at himself for the foolhardiness at the time and a new voice took up the story.


Our hunting party found him babbling his head off in the middle of the woods, but we had no idea what he was saying,” Adi laughed, she sat close to Andrew and hugged his arm.


The man smiled and sighed, knowing how lucky he was that it had been Adi who found him. “They made camp and their healer gave me the herbs she carried for fever.” He smiled at the rapt look on both Emma and Kris' face. “After my fever broke, the women wanted to leave me, but Adi convinced them to take me to a village near the edge of their hunting grounds.” He took a sip of his drink then continued, “I lived there for a time and Adi visited me, often. I taught her my language and she taught me hers.”


Kris thought about Morgan and chuckled, “You did a bit more than talk.”


Andrew grinned, “Yes,” a soft look crossed his face as he looked down into Adi's eyes, “we fell in love.”


The rest of the story was too personal for him to tell anyone. He and Adi had spoken about it at length last night. They had talked about how their love had been forbidden by the elders of her tribe and how she had to choose between her Amazon heritage and the man she loved. He had thought she had chosen him over her sisters, when Adi had told him that she would join him on his journey home. He had not known that she had been in an accident the day after that conversation. A wild boar had attacked her, slicing her calf with its tusk. She had shown Andrew the scar bisecting her leg last night. The injury had left her unable to travel for any distance, for several weeks. She had sent a trusted sister to give Andrew the message, but as it had turned out her trust was misplaced. Thinking that she was doing what was best for the tribe, the messenger lied to Andrew; telling him that Adi had changed her mind and was going to be staying with the tribe after all. When she returned, the sister told Adi that Andrew had already left on the journey back to his homeland, not bothering to wait for her to arrive. He hated that Adi had gone through the decisions she had to make and the journey she had to take alone.


Thinking back to those days, Andrew sighed, “Most of those women didn't have any use for men, at all.”


Eating the last tiny bite of her breakfast roll, Emma spoke with a tinge of amusement in her voice, “Everything is useful in its own way.” She grinned and winked at their host, “Even men.”


Andrew laughed loudly at that and tilted his head regally, “Well, thank you for that!”


Emma's eyes twinkled as she heard Kris snort behind her. She winked at Adi and took another roll from the basket. Slathering it liberally with fruit spread, Emma chuckled, “My pleasure.” Biting into the soft sticky bread effectively ended the conversation and they all resumed their breakfast.


It didn't take long to finish and Adi was eager to go check on Morgan. She stood as she informed Andrew, “I told Rebecca I would be back soon.” The girl was wonderful with her son, but Adi wanted time with him too and Andrew had offered Rebecca's tour guide services to their guests.


Of course...” he stood and bowed to their guests, “I will send the girl to your room....”


Actually,” Kris turned thoughtful, “Would it be acceptable if we took the house tour later? I would like to wander the grounds for a while.... walk off breakfast.”


You are my guests,” His hand swept the air, “You may go anywhere you wish.”


Thank you,” Emma rose and waited for Kris to take the lead. They watched as the Lord and soon-to-be Lady walked out of the dining hall, hand in hand.


Kris raised an eyebrow, “Ready to snoop?”


Always ready, Babe.” Emma laughed and bowed slightly as she gestured toward the door, “Lead on.”




Emma was surprised when Kris didn't lead them outside, instead they skulked about inside the manor until a hand signal from Kris stopped their progress. Emma saw her friend's head tilt and she too listened very hard. The voices were easily identified, especially the high pitched one.


“Jonathan, you cannot keep defying him like that.”


“He is treading on very shaky ground, Constance, the men are beginning to grumble and his acceptance of these... women is the last straw. Did you hear her? The blonde one? She spoke the Priestess' language! They have to be witches... they have to have put Andrew under some sort of spell...”


“I know my Darling...”

Kris and Emma exchanged surprised glances at the endearment, though it sounded rather hollow to them.

“... but the child... the boy is unmistakably Andrew's. And I told you they don't really know each other...”


“I know that's what they said...but Andrew is clearly being controlled...”

Emma identified the rustling sound as Lady Constance's dress being crumpled but Jonathan continued to speak.

“...he has been under their spell for a long time. She had to have bewitched him. He never would have bedded anyone so quickly after losing Jane otherwise.”


“I do not believe you are one to speak of quickly...”

Constance's voice didn't become less high pitched, but it was slightly breathier now.

“... I don't believe this.... is appropriate for this time of morning.”


Kris and Emma stayed at their listening post just long enough to hear a muffled comment from Jonathan about Constance, 'looking the way a real woman should' and know there wouldn't be any further conversation. They backed away from the rather embarrassing grunts and high pitched sounds.


Once they were a good distance down the corridor, Emma cleared her throat and spoke quietly, “So, what?”


“We'll continue to keep an eye on Jonathan.” Kris held the door open for Emma to exit the building. “Let's see what else we can discover.”




The grounds of Bingham Manor were very impressive and the duo explored a great deal of the landscaped gardens before the weather turned and driving rain forced them inside. Despite the seriousness of their current situation they were laughing as they re-entered their room.


Emma shook the water off her hands. “What now?”


After we dry off?” Kris grinned, “We find Andrew and see if he has a map to that glen you were telling me about.”


I'm sure he does.” Emma shucked off her wet clothes and ran a brush through her hair, “It didn't sound that hard to get to.”


Kris ran her eyes down Emma's enticingly naked form then sighed and dug through the trunk holding Andrew's old clothes. The clothing was really quite comfortable and they didn't need to wear their own all-too-familiar outfits here in the manor. They both welcomed the respite from the heavily laden pockets they normally wore when they traveled.


Dry and warm, they once again ventured out into the manor's corridors. They stopped the first servant they saw, extracting Lord Bingham's current location from the nervous chambermaid.




Kris had one hand on the door handle to Andrew's study when voices from inside reached her.


But how do you know he's your son?”


He is mine.” Andrew's voice became dangerous. “To think otherwise would be an insult to Adi.”


But she's a...” Jonathan's words were interrupted by the Lord of the manor.


She will be my wife, Jonathan, and Morgan is my heir.”


It was obvious the conversation had been going on for a while and was now over and Kris took the opportunity to knock on the door. “Is this a good time? Emma told me about the celebration and the glen...” She pulled Emma into the room. “I wanted to see if you had a map to it, but we can come back if...”


No, no...come in.” Andrew motioned the women closer. “Jonathan and I are finished, for now.” He barely registered Jonathan leaving the room before he walked to his work table, unrolling a map onto its surface, “Here is the place.” His index finger tapped a spot near the edge.


Leaning over the map, Kris traced a line that ran closest to the area, one that ran alongside the wide mark indicating a river. “This road is the easiest way to get there?”


Nodding, Andrew agreed, “Yes, take that road,” His finger traced the same line Kris' did then veered off. “And when you get to the bend in the river, turn east. It isn't more than a half hour walk after you leave the road.”


Great!” Kris breathed a little easier, knowing the place wasn't difficult to get to helped settle her mind.


Sure, great for you,” Emma rolled her eyes. “I haven't been on horseback for...” She paused and grinned, “...several hundred years!”


Kris' eyes twinkled, “I seem to recall you did okay then.”


Tell that to my backside!” Emma grimaced at the memory, “A long ride is not something you just, do, not without consequences.”


She's right.” Andrew nodded, “If it has been a while since your last ride, perhaps you should start slowly. Today, after the rain stops, we can all take a short ride.” He grinned at the idea, “I will have four horses saddled and ready to ride when the rain ends.”


Sounds good,” Emma laughed and bumped Kris' shoulder, “If we ride a little every day by the time we need to go it should be easy enough to get there pain free.”


I hope Adi doesn't mind horseback riding.” He laughed, “I don't know if she even can ride, but I'm sure she'll learn quickly.”


Why's that?” Emma didn't understand why he was so certain Adi would join them.


I doubt Adi will let me take Morgan without accompanying us.” he laughed, “It was hard enough to get her to come to breakfast this morning!”


Kris smiled, “She's a devoted mother.”


She is an excellent mother,” Andrew smiled too, “She will make a good wife.”


Neither woman said anything else on the subject, it was obvious that the man loved Adi and it was none of their business who Adi married, that was totally up to the Amazon.




TBC in Part 6


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Hehe, apparently Kris and Emma aren't the only one's emitting dubious sounds from behind closed doors... ;) And them wearing Andrew's clothes... poor Lady Constance is gonna have a fit!
And Andrew is just so totally smitten!

Off to the next bit!

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LOL... nope...

The Lady Constance is quite dramatic when she wants to be.

Yes, Andrew is completely in love with Adi, and adores Morgan. :)

Yikes.. I'm noticing some formatting issues. I hope that isn't too distracting. I'll have to go back and fix them.


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