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So this weekend was the big Superman festival in Metropolis, IL.  My husband loves that kind of stuff and so does Sarah, so we packed up the cooler with picnic stuff and off we went.

I like Superman and the various comic book riff raff that surround him, but I do not like the awful heat and humidity that settles in southern Illinois this time of year... so while the rest of the family walk around the hot humid streets of Metropolis, hob nobbing with the other crazy people (Many of whom are in costume), I ensconce myself in the local casino.... air conditioned comfort in exchange for losing most of my birthday money... ah well... it was fun anyway.  I got to play in a slot tournament... five minutes of free play... so that was fun.  And I met a gal from Carbondale, IL who was also in the tournament... we cheered each other on.  LOL..  she actually talked me into signing up. 

Anyway, back now and looking over the fourth story in the Like... series.  Titled 'Like Love', it's going to be longer than Like Life... but it's already 10:30 here and I've had a long, long day... so it will have to wait for tomorrow to actually get back to writing it. 

A day off is good though.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. :)
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