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Fandom - Guiding Light, Doubt
Pairings - Otalia, Sister Aloysius/Sister James
Rating - PG
Disclaimer - I don't own nothin', no money was made... seriously.. If I could make money writing this stuff I'd be writing all the time!

A/N - this story has not been beta'd, sorry Kam there's just no time, all mistakes are my own.  If you see any glaring ones let me know I'll try to fix them. :)
Also this part is quite a bit shorter than the first one, but I think it concludes things on a hopeful note ;)


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Fandom - Guiding Light
Pairing - Otalia, surprise crossover
Disclaimer - Nothing it s mine, I'm just trying to fix, in my own mind, what the actual owner's have screwed up.

This is not been to my beta-reader.  And mistakes are my own.  It has been read by someone else and they said it was good, lol.. so I'm gonna post it.  I wouldn't have otherwise.

Anyway... Here ya go.

No Doubt )
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Fandom - Guiding Light
Pairing - Otalia (duh ;))
Rating - G
Title - Why
Archive - sure, let me know where you put it
a/n - This is just a short thing I thought of... I REALLY want Emma to throw a fit about Natalia getting married.  She can't possibly want it to happen.  She is a good kid, but enough is enough...

Why? )

GL ending?

Apr. 1st, 2009 05:32 pm
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I just have to say I'm extremely disappointed that they are talking about Guiding Light being cancelled.  Obviously the Otalia storyline is key for me, but it has to be a decent show or else it wouldn't have been around for over 70 years...

That being said... if.. and I do mean IF the show is cancelled they NEED to get Olivia and Natalia together before that.  And I mean together... like.. Pepa/Silvia in the cottage together... LOL...

If they don't end up resolving the relationship before the end of the show the only consolation I can think of is that there will be Otalia fan fic...FOREVER.  But then there will be already. ;)

Perhaps another sponsor will pick up where Proctor and Gamble leaves off and things will be fine. 
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Fandom - Guiding Light
Pairing - Otalia (duh ;)
Rating - PG, just a bunch of talking really...
Archive - Sure, just let me know where you put it.
A/N - This little scene kinda popped into my head this morning while I was driving back from dropping my daughter off at school.  It's been bugging me all morning so I went ahead and typed it up... 473 words... I'm amazed at myself LOL.. I was just discussing with pdt_bear how I can't write short stuff. ;)


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Okay, so the idea that I'm going to have to wait through some basketball games before Guiding Light and Otalia come back on screen is just driving me nuts.  So I typed up this little hack job... this is totally made up and pretty much AU since nothing like this has or probably will happen on the show... just my wishful thinking.

Title: Gun Club (for lack of a better title... )
Rating:  oh lets say PG-13
Beta', not really.. no time.. except for the parts that I lifted from another story I'd written some time ago... those parts were beta'd (thank you Kam)
Archive:  Can't imagine anyone'd want it.. but if you do, just let me know where you put it.
Disclaimers:  This is a fan fiction.. so obviously none of the characters are mine, and no, I haven't and will not make any money from this endeavor


Gun Club )


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