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I'm thinking I need to laugh at myself right now. 

I've always known that my daughter is totally brilliant and gifted, but now that I'm supposed to tell someone WHY, I can't even begin to describe it.  

You see, Sarah brought a form home from school today, it explained that she was being considered for the 'gifted/talented' program there and they wanted more information on her background.  Supposedly to figure out why the gifted kids are in fact gifted... which to me is really weird because if there was something that they do... that they WORK toward, then it's not a gift is's earned.  But anyway, one of the questions is something like, why do you think your child is special, talented, or gifted... or something like that.  And I honestly can't think of a single thing to write.  How can I write in the tiny space, a few scant blank lines across a form on a page, how brilliant I think my daughter is?  How can I describe to them the workings of a child's mind who, when she was barely out of diapers would pretend to go camping... would need a campfire.... would take the drumstick from her Fisher Price drum and put a red uninflated balloon on the end of it... pretend to strike it and light the pretend fire...then immediately take the red balloon off and put a black balloon in it's place, because the 'match' had been used.... that is brilliant to me.  How can I convey the depth of my then six year old daughter's comprehension of the world around her when my father, her beloved grandfather passed away suddenly and we went tearfully to tell her the news... when she cried and hugged me.. and cried some more as she recalled what we had told her about death and dying when one of our four cats became ill the previous year.  I was a mess, having just lost my father and she was quoting our words back to us, letting us know that she really did understand. 'Everyone only gets one."  One life...  She understood... at age six.

She's almost nine now and she just keeps getting smarter... and a little dumber, school is doing that to her, making her stop.. pull back, wait for the other kids... so I'm hoping she will qualify or whatever the word is for this 'gifted' program.  I'm not sure she'll like it though. LOL.. when I was in sixth grade I was in the 'gifted' program and I hated it... because you know what it meant to me?  More work!  LOL... Sarah loves school, she loves learning, but she completely hates work... she would rather be outside LOOKING at the ladybug, watching it, letting it crawl on her finger, than inside reading about it. 

Anyway...I can write however many hundred thousand words about Miranda and Andy together but when it comes to filling out this form, I'm stumped.  LOL  Maybe it's the length that's bothering me... as many of you know, I can't do short! :)

Thanks for listening to me ramble :)

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