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This is a test to see who is watching my DW account.

I was going send the first 10 people who responded with their email address the first 10 pages or so, of the next Like... story.  Like Love.

It's not finished yet, but it's getting close. 

I only got one response on here, so now I'm going to post the offer on Live Journal and see what kind of response I get...

Remember.. this is only a test. :)

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 I've been ordered to post this.  So here it is.

This is NOT a part of my Like... series.   This was written as an exercise to try and break my writer's block, I do not know if there will be any continuation to it at all.  It is fairly stand alone though.

In this 'verse Andy never left Miranda in Paris and still works at Runway.

I of course don't own any of the characters you recognize. 

Huge thanks to the wonderful Quiethearted, Jazzy and Dhamphir for beta'ing this mess... and 'encouraging' me to post it.

Rated G, amazingly.. there are shades of Mirandy though.  Obviously... I did write it after all. :)

Jump Into the Fire here )


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Well the new school year has started here.  Sarah is in FOURTH grade this year!  She has to be at school at 7:30am!!  she hates getting up at 6:00 lol... I got the "Muh...ooommm... Five more minutes" routine this morning . :)

Theoretically when school is in session I should have more time on my hands to write.  That doesn't seem to be working out in practical application though.  I'm currently alternating between the fourth DWP Like... story (Like Love) and another Hourglass story... both are going slowly as you may have guessed.  

But I AM working on them.. so that is something. :)

The DWP story is already longer than Like Life though... so hopefully when it is, finally, finished it will be worth the wait. :)

Plus I needed to post something so I could use my new icon... ;)  LOL... it seems appropriate because half the time when I'm writing I'm working in the dark as far as the story goes. LOL
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Well.. it's not really a story. It's more like a moment in the character's lives.  It was written way back when I was still completely immersed in the Xena 'verse and rather suddenly pulled from that obsession by the characters actions and events on the show.

This is an Alternate Universe... Uber and amazingly very short.

I'm told that tissues are necessary so be warned.

Of course, this is a story of two women who love each other deeply.  If that bothers you, not sure what you're doing here. :)


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I think some deviation is often necessary, but too much can ruin the film.
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You know who you are... ;)

What do you think about a TV show based on that premise:  Two women, friends, traveling through time.  I think it would make a great series, different situations every week, different time periods.  Then again I love time travel shows... Quantum Leap was one of my favorites, which is why I gave the gals in my story a bit of the 'lost' thing that Dr. Beckett had on QH... Not sure it would be like that in the actual Hourglass show, their method of travel was more mystical than technical, so they might actually have a little more control over the process... then again, maybe they'd have less.. ;)

Please though... Let me know what you think about the possibility of a show like this.  Really... inquiring minds want to know.  :)
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Okay folks.. this is it... Let me know what you think... good TV show or not?

Again, all comment regarding the viability of a TV show will be forwarded to Claudia... unless you specifically tell me not to.  Either click the 'leave a comment' link... send me a PM, or just send me an email at 


It's About Family - Conclusion )
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Remember to comment... just sayin' ;)


It's About Family - pt 5 )
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Don't forget to comment when you're finished reading.... :)


It's About Family - pt 4 )
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You can find the big long winded explanation for this story at the beginning of Part 1. :)  

Remember, comments are important on this one.


It's About Family pt 3 )
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Holy Moly!... I completely forgot to thank my incredible, wonderful, super talented beta/review team for this story.... Quiethearted, Xenavirgin and Kam... you all did an amazing job of reviewing and reading this crazy thing multiple times... and didn't even kill me in the process.  Although I vaguely recall QH threatening to drive however many hours it is from her house to mine to smack some sense into me at one point. :)   Thank you SO much guys.... I never would have gotten this done without y'all...  Love ya!  :)

Again... really important to comment... wait until you've read the entire thing if you like... but let's get some interest going for a tv show with a pair of kick ass women as the leads... I mean... really... I think it is about time . ;)


It's About Family Pt 2/7 )



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I know a lot of people are waiting for the next installment of the Like... series and I am working on it, really.  But I did take a few weeks out to revise this story, because:

Several weeks ago we went to a small convention for sculptor and model makers, at that convention was Claudia Christian.

I had seen her at conventions before, the most memorable one being 2001 Dragoncon.  At that gathering Claudia and Alex Tydings, who you may remember as Aphrodite from Xena, were talking about a new television show they wanted to do called Hourglass.  It was to be about a pair of friends traveling through time.  The main point of their travels was supposed to be so that they could travel to the future and learn ways of saving the environment.

On the eight hour drive home from that convention my sleep addled brain came up with an adventure for the time travelers to deal with.  I typed it all out, well most of it, when we arrived home.  But, at that time my daughter was 12 weeks old, so there wasn't a whole lot of time to be fine tuning the story.

Last December, Claudia made a very generous gesture and said that since this year had been so tough, anyone who requested an autograph would get one... which meant if you had a Sci-Fi geek in your life...and who doesn't?  You would have a great gift for them, for free.  I thought that was really great and it gave me the motivation I needed to go back to the Hourglass story I'd written... and finish it.  I had posted it here and according to the stats on my page at least a thousand people looked at it, if not read it.  Only one or two comments though, so that was disappointing.

Anyway, back to the several weeks ago convention.  Claudia was there and was quite generous with her time.  We spoke about quite a few things and I mentioned Hourglass, and in passing mentioned that I had done a fanfic story for it.  I have to say my heart nearly stopped when she said "Send it to me."

So when I got home I looked over what I had posted and realized WHY no one had commented on it.... oh it was awful!... LOL... someone should have told me that... so I could have pulled it from the Journal a long time ago!  LOL   So I took it down and retooled it somewhat.

Since the whole concept was presented to me just under nine years ago it was hard to remember details.  I did have the character bio's from the original, now defunct, Hourglass site.. and I came to understand the method of their time travel had to do with geologically charged sites and magnetic rocks... which is more mystical than technical... but I went with it... I did however make up all the background for the girls, the world they came from their motivations, etc.... because that's what I do... I make stuff up.  :)    I also didn't send them to the future.  I made it a sort of Quantum Leap kind of thing with them being 'lost' in the past...

Okay... so here's the thing.  I ABSOLUTELY HATE asking for comments.  But, if you read this story, I would really like to know what you think about the concept for a television show/series.   All comments regarding the viability of a TV show based on this idea and characters will be forwarded to Claudia Christian.   It really is VERY easy to leave a comment on LiveJournal.  Or if you don't want to make a comment publicly you can send me a Private message through LiveJournal, or you can send it directly to me via my email at 

If you send a message and don't hear anything back from me, I didn't get it.  I Always answer my emails.

Okay... now that we've taken care of all that explanation... a few more things.

1. These characters ARE, kinda, mine. I started with the base of the character bio's from the website, and the physical descriptions of the women in question then added some of my own stuff... so.. kinda, mine.   But if anyone wants to use any part of them for a television show they are more than welcome.
2. This story IS mine.  I made it up all by myself... with a few suggestions from my beta readers and friends.
3.  Hmmm... no, there isn't really a three... that's about it.  Oh, except for the femslashy part... that would most likely be cut out of a television show and relegated to subtext much like Xena was, for a while.  LOL

Okay... all that settled?   Here we go.....

Oh!  One more thing.  The original tagline for the show Hourglass was "It's about time...."  But this story really isn't so much about time.....

It's About Family pt 1/7 )
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It's not really bad, I just never know what's going to gross people out...

I'm banning late night TV watching....

I've decided that working on the DWP story, watching Top Chef and then watching a zombie movie until midnight is no longer something I should do.  The dream I had was me in a kick ass kitchen peeling my own index finger like a carrot because the kids I was watching were hungry...  So... the whys of  it would be...

Kick ass kitchen - Top Chef
peeling my own finger - zombie movie/Top chef (it didn't hurt blood... it just made my finger smooth, like when you peel a carrot)
Kids - DWP 

LOL... okay, maybe late night tv watching won't be totally banned... I just need to watch the right things... ;)

If you read this and were grossed out by the finger thing... sorry.
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So this weekend was the big Superman festival in Metropolis, IL.  My husband loves that kind of stuff and so does Sarah, so we packed up the cooler with picnic stuff and off we went.

I like Superman and the various comic book riff raff that surround him, but I do not like the awful heat and humidity that settles in southern Illinois this time of year... so while the rest of the family walk around the hot humid streets of Metropolis, hob nobbing with the other crazy people (Many of whom are in costume), I ensconce myself in the local casino.... air conditioned comfort in exchange for losing most of my birthday money... ah well... it was fun anyway.  I got to play in a slot tournament... five minutes of free play... so that was fun.  And I met a gal from Carbondale, IL who was also in the tournament... we cheered each other on.  LOL..  she actually talked me into signing up. 

Anyway, back now and looking over the fourth story in the Like... series.  Titled 'Like Love', it's going to be longer than Like Life... but it's already 10:30 here and I've had a long, long day... so it will have to wait for tomorrow to actually get back to writing it. 

A day off is good though.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. :)
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I woke up thinking about my beloved Aunt Louise.  She was more like a Grandma to me than an Aunt, she was actually my Dad's Aunt.  But I think my brother and I were at her  house more than our own while we were growing up.  She had a small country 'beauty shop' in one room of her house that my Mom worked in.  So we would be there while Mom was working... when we got to be school age we got off the bus there instead of our own house... sometimes even when Mom wasn't working we would ride our bikes from home to Aunt Louise's... we only lived two miles away from each other.  She never had kids of her own and I always thought that was a shame because she would have been a really cool Mom I think.  But she totally indulged my brother and me.  The way I explain the indulgence to people is that, for example, when she would ask us what we wanted to eat, for ...whatever meal, breakfast, lunch, snack... we rarely had supper there... but if I said something... and my brother said something TOTALLY different... she would make both so we could have what we wanted.  :)  

I don't remember a whole lot of things from when I was growing up, but the majority of things I do remember revolve around this woman and being at her house.  I always tease my husband because he can remember things from when he was very, VERY young.... and I can't remember squat from ages that young... except one thing.  When I was three...maybe four... I remember wanting to smoke a cigarette... because Aunt Louise smoked...alot.  And I wanted one.. and I wanted one... and she looked at me... I remember she said.. okay.. you can have one... and she MADE me smoke it... because after the first puff I didn't want anymore... but she made me finish it... and... needless to say I didn't ever want to smoke after that.. lol.. even now that memory makes me smile and laugh. 

One of the things she used to cook for my brother and I was called 'oatmeal pancakes'... I loved them and when I got older I begged the recipe out of her... I rarely made them, because even though I had the recipe they never tasted right, not like she could make them... I haven't made them in at least three years or longer....

This morning, I woke up and made oatmeal pancakes.  They were perfect.

I don't know why I'm thinking about her today, but I wish that everyone could have an Aunt Louise, and if you do... tell her you love her. 


Apr. 24th, 2010 11:52 am
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Okay, so now that warm weather is here Sarah has been outside playing until I have to drag her inside because it's too dark to see.  She is a very observant child and loves looking at bugs and flowers and such.  Her newest passion is looking for four leaf clovers.

Much to my amazement she finds them all the time.  Enough that it's starting to scare me, because of that one movie where the kid found handfuls of four leaf clovers only because that area was soaked in radiation.. lol 

Now, however, I'm REALLY concerned because Sarah just came in, all excited to have found, are you ready for this?  A SIX leaf clover!

She thinks it's ultra mega lucky because Six is two more than Four...

So either we're going to win the lottery, or we live on a nuclear dumping field.... which do you think is more likely?? 

sigh... yeah, me too.  LOL
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As you know I'm working on the fourth story in the Like... series.

I appreciate your patience as my real life has delayed progress on the story for the last few months.  It is still not finished, but as the end draws near I want to take the opportunity to ask any reader who cares a question.

This will be the last Mirandy story I write for a while, once this story is over they want to be left alone for a while and I'm going to respect that.  Therefore, I want to tie up any loose ends and questions that may have been brought up in the previous stories, so as not to leave anyone with any questions about the 'verse. 

So, what questions do you have?  Miranda's health of course will be sorted out... anything else? 

Presumptuous of me I know to think that anyone would have any 'burning questions' about the silly stories I've written, but I know what it feels like to read a series and then have things left unanswered, and I don't want to do that.  I want to make sure everything is settled so that the long time between this Fourth story (titled, Like Love) and any stories I may write in the future doesn't leave anyone with questions.

So, let me know... What questions do you want answered in 'Like Love'?  I'll try to get them all covered by the time the story ends.

Thanks to everyone for all the support and comments on the previous stories.

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I hate you.. I hate you all, but I especially hate whoever prompted Miranda as a mob boss... I hate you with a passion heretofore unknown to man...



I don't hate you, actually it' was kind of a nice dream... Miranda was the mob boss and Andy was her trusted right hand enforcer/bodyguard although for some reason in the dream Andy was married to another trusted henchman... so that was an incredibly strange thing for my brain to think... but anyway... it was an awesome dream, cause I was there watching the action, Some other person came in and wanted to work for Miranda... but wouldn't take orders from Andy or her husband... so Miranda says something like, if you don't work under Andrea and her husband, you don't work under me.... and then Miranda looked down from her desk, (It was on a raised dias) straight at me and winked.... at me!

Okay... so.. I... am.... NOT... going.. .to ... write... this... fic.... I'm not... I'm not.. I'm not...

I haven't even finished the fourth story in the Like... series btw it's titled "Like Love".  So there is NO WAY I'm going to start another DWP in an obviously different world at the same time... NO WAY.

I will however read a story based on this, just to see if it matches my dream LOL.  It would have to be complete though... I try to avoid works in progress if at all possible....

Anyway, just wanted to let all y'all know.. I hate you. :)  And I luv ya. ;)   Just please... can ya try to stop putting stuff in my head??  ROFL ;)

Wow... 5:30 am already?  Gotta get my coffee and get on with my day. LOL

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I'm thinking I need to laugh at myself right now. 

I've always known that my daughter is totally brilliant and gifted, but now that I'm supposed to tell someone WHY, I can't even begin to describe it.  

You see, Sarah brought a form home from school today, it explained that she was being considered for the 'gifted/talented' program there and they wanted more information on her background.  Supposedly to figure out why the gifted kids are in fact gifted... which to me is really weird because if there was something that they do... that they WORK toward, then it's not a gift is's earned.  But anyway, one of the questions is something like, why do you think your child is special, talented, or gifted... or something like that.  And I honestly can't think of a single thing to write.  How can I write in the tiny space, a few scant blank lines across a form on a page, how brilliant I think my daughter is?  How can I describe to them the workings of a child's mind who, when she was barely out of diapers would pretend to go camping... would need a campfire.... would take the drumstick from her Fisher Price drum and put a red uninflated balloon on the end of it... pretend to strike it and light the pretend fire...then immediately take the red balloon off and put a black balloon in it's place, because the 'match' had been used.... that is brilliant to me.  How can I convey the depth of my then six year old daughter's comprehension of the world around her when my father, her beloved grandfather passed away suddenly and we went tearfully to tell her the news... when she cried and hugged me.. and cried some more as she recalled what we had told her about death and dying when one of our four cats became ill the previous year.  I was a mess, having just lost my father and she was quoting our words back to us, letting us know that she really did understand. 'Everyone only gets one."  One life...  She understood... at age six.

She's almost nine now and she just keeps getting smarter... and a little dumber, school is doing that to her, making her stop.. pull back, wait for the other kids... so I'm hoping she will qualify or whatever the word is for this 'gifted' program.  I'm not sure she'll like it though. LOL.. when I was in sixth grade I was in the 'gifted' program and I hated it... because you know what it meant to me?  More work!  LOL... Sarah loves school, she loves learning, but she completely hates work... she would rather be outside LOOKING at the ladybug, watching it, letting it crawl on her finger, than inside reading about it. 

Anyway...I can write however many hundred thousand words about Miranda and Andy together but when it comes to filling out this form, I'm stumped.  LOL  Maybe it's the length that's bothering me... as many of you know, I can't do short! :)

Thanks for listening to me ramble :)



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