Jun. 27th, 2010

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I know a lot of people are waiting for the next installment of the Like... series and I am working on it, really.  But I did take a few weeks out to revise this story, because:

Several weeks ago we went to a small convention for sculptor and model makers, at that convention was Claudia Christian.

I had seen her at conventions before, the most memorable one being 2001 Dragoncon.  At that gathering Claudia and Alex Tydings, who you may remember as Aphrodite from Xena, were talking about a new television show they wanted to do called Hourglass.  It was to be about a pair of friends traveling through time.  The main point of their travels was supposed to be so that they could travel to the future and learn ways of saving the environment.

On the eight hour drive home from that convention my sleep addled brain came up with an adventure for the time travelers to deal with.  I typed it all out, well most of it, when we arrived home.  But, at that time my daughter was 12 weeks old, so there wasn't a whole lot of time to be fine tuning the story.

Last December, Claudia made a very generous gesture and said that since this year had been so tough, anyone who requested an autograph would get one... which meant if you had a Sci-Fi geek in your life...and who doesn't?  You would have a great gift for them, for free.  I thought that was really great and it gave me the motivation I needed to go back to the Hourglass story I'd written... and finish it.  I had posted it here and according to the stats on my page at least a thousand people looked at it, if not read it.  Only one or two comments though, so that was disappointing.

Anyway, back to the several weeks ago convention.  Claudia was there and was quite generous with her time.  We spoke about quite a few things and I mentioned Hourglass, and in passing mentioned that I had done a fanfic story for it.  I have to say my heart nearly stopped when she said "Send it to me."

So when I got home I looked over what I had posted and realized WHY no one had commented on it.... oh it was awful!... LOL... someone should have told me that... so I could have pulled it from the Journal a long time ago!  LOL   So I took it down and retooled it somewhat.

Since the whole concept was presented to me just under nine years ago it was hard to remember details.  I did have the character bio's from the original, now defunct, Hourglass site.. and I came to understand the method of their time travel had to do with geologically charged sites and magnetic rocks... which is more mystical than technical... but I went with it... I did however make up all the background for the girls, the world they came from their motivations, etc.... because that's what I do... I make stuff up.  :)    I also didn't send them to the future.  I made it a sort of Quantum Leap kind of thing with them being 'lost' in the past...

Okay... so here's the thing.  I ABSOLUTELY HATE asking for comments.  But, if you read this story, I would really like to know what you think about the concept for a television show/series.   All comments regarding the viability of a TV show based on this idea and characters will be forwarded to Claudia Christian.   It really is VERY easy to leave a comment on LiveJournal.  Or if you don't want to make a comment publicly you can send me a Private message through LiveJournal, or you can send it directly to me via my email at  xenabard@hotmail.com 

If you send a message and don't hear anything back from me, I didn't get it.  I Always answer my emails.

Okay... now that we've taken care of all that explanation... a few more things.

1. These characters ARE, kinda, mine. I started with the base of the character bio's from the website, and the physical descriptions of the women in question then added some of my own stuff... so.. kinda, mine.   But if anyone wants to use any part of them for a television show they are more than welcome.
2. This story IS mine.  I made it up all by myself... with a few suggestions from my beta readers and friends.
3.  Hmmm... no, there isn't really a three... that's about it.  Oh, except for the femslashy part... that would most likely be cut out of a television show and relegated to subtext much like Xena was, for a while.  LOL

Okay... all that settled?   Here we go.....

Oh!  One more thing.  The original tagline for the show Hourglass was "It's about time...."  But this story really isn't so much about time.....

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Holy Moly!... I completely forgot to thank my incredible, wonderful, super talented beta/review team for this story.... Quiethearted, Xenavirgin and Kam... you all did an amazing job of reviewing and reading this crazy thing multiple times... and didn't even kill me in the process.  Although I vaguely recall QH threatening to drive however many hours it is from her house to mine to smack some sense into me at one point. :)   Thank you SO much guys.... I never would have gotten this done without y'all...  Love ya!  :)

Again... really important to comment... wait until you've read the entire thing if you like... but let's get some interest going for a tv show with a pair of kick ass women as the leads... I mean... really... I think it is about time . ;)


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You can find the big long winded explanation for this story at the beginning of Part 1. :)  

Remember, comments are important on this one.


It's About Family pt 3 )
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Don't forget to comment when you're finished reading.... :)


It's About Family - pt 4 )
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Remember to comment... just sayin' ;)


It's About Family - pt 5 )
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Okay folks.. this is it... Let me know what you think... good TV show or not?

Again, all comment regarding the viability of a TV show will be forwarded to Claudia... unless you specifically tell me not to.  Either click the 'leave a comment' link... send me a PM, or just send me an email at xenabard@hotmail.com 


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