Feb. 6th, 2010 05:45 pm
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Well, sadly, my self-imposed deadline for finishing 'Like Love', the fourth story in the Like... series is only a week away and there is NO WAY I'll be finished by then.  Honestly, I think I've been staring at the story for too long... anyone who writes themselves might know what I'm talking about.  I think I've been trying TOO hard to finish and it's kinda burning me out on it.  So I'm going to ease off on myself, maybe work on a different story for a little bit...

You have no idea how much I want to finish this story... probably way more than you want to read it.  LOL

Right now I think distraction is the key, so I'm going to work a little on another story, and if you see me online feel free to pop in and chat with me, or drop me an email, I always answer emails so that's a great distraction but still sort of on topic  LOL

I WILL finish 'Like Love'... I swear I will, but I've told people about my self imposed deadline and at this point I know it won't be met, so I thought I'd let people know.   The one thing I don't want to do is push the issue and come up with a terrible story.  This will be the last Mirandy story I write, for a while, so I don't want to disappoint anyone.  I want it to be right.

Thanks so much to everyone who has been reading the series, and special thanks to everyone who's been commenting on the stories.

Sorry for the long delay between stories, you have no idea how sorry I am...
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LOL... directly from the Pop Culture soaked, twisted mind of my ever-loving husband. :)

He hopes to update the site pretty much every day on the weekdays.  It's actually some pretty funny stuff. :)

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So a little birdie, in the form of an automated message from LiveJournal informed me that it was going to be Elf_Jet's birthday on January 5th....

Since there is a huge time difference between where I live and where she lives it might actually be that now!  LOL...

Therefore, in honor of Elf's penchant for wall scenes, I thought I would post this.  It was I'm sure based at least in part on Elf's own "If Only" series, because I have no doubt whatever 'wall scene' I write this story will be in the back of my head rattling around while I do it.

This is an excerpt from an original story that I have begun... it will actually undergo a fairly extensive re-write shortly but I believe this little scene will remain in the story fairly intact. 

As I said this is an original story so all the characters and places are, surprisingly, mine.  LOL

I honestly can't remember if I've sent this to Kam for beta reading or not, but I've made a few adjustments to it recently so any mistakes are my own.

It's basically a PWP and should be rated accordingly.... What exactly is the ratings system for fanfic anyway, is there a standard?  Anyway, whatever the rating is for two women having sex... that is what this one should be rated for.. LOL.

Now, gotta stop rambling or this part will be longer than the bit!  LOL


Happy Birthday Elf )
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We are getting the debris cleaned up from Sarah's tornado frenzy of opening gifts and getting ready for the first trip to Grandma's... Husband's Mom's...

Second trip to Grandma's will be tomorrow, to my Mom's... :)

I hope the car is cleaned out sufficiently to bring back Sarah's loot.  LOL... Grandma goes overboard for gift giving holiday's.  Sarah is the only grandchild on husband's side, and the only grand-daughter on my side.  LOL...

It's sweet though because her birthday is in June, so for Christmas she gets winter clothing and for birthday she gets summer clothing... I barely have to buy anything for her, clothing-wise...LOL

Anyway... off to grandma's, she always has a great Christmas dinner... usually a large hunk of meat and all the trimmings...  so.. YUM! :)

Have a great day everyone!
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Taking the story down for a bit of rewriting... should be back soon.

Okay.. all spiffed up and ready to go.  Part one Reposted here:

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Taking the story down for a bit of rewriting... should be back soon.It's About Family... pt 4 )

Okay.. all spiffed up and ready to go.  Part one reposted here:
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Taking the story down for a bit of rewriting... should be back soon.It's About 3 )
Okay.. all spiffed up and ready to go.  Part one reposted here:
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Taking the story down for a bit of rewriting... should be back soon.It's About Family... pt 2 )

Okay... all spiffed up and ready to go.  Part one reposted here:
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Taking the story down for a bit of rewriting... should be back soon.

Okay... all spiffed up and ready to go... reposted here:
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So... it's getting close to Christmas, decorations should be up and lit...(Even *I* have my tree up) presents should be bought and wrapped... (HA!)

I looked in on our favorite couple... they seem to be adjusting... LOL...

This is set AFTER the Fourth story ends... (and no it's not finished yet, but I know where/how it will end) It's just a quick peek into the Sachs-Priestly/Priestly-Sachs household. ;)

Rated G I'd say... mostly a lot of talking. LOL

Happy Holidays everyone )
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No Pairing in this one per se, but Miranda/Andy are clearly together.

Rating – I have to put this at NC-17 or possibly higher… for violence and implied sexual abuse of minors.

A/N - This is a one-shot story that is totally and completely separate from my “Like…” Mirandy ‘verse. It is considerably ‘darker’ than any of my other stories and deals with the results of sexual abuse of minors, the specific abuse is not described in any way but if this issue or this type of story disturbs you I would urge you not to read this.

A/N – Again, this is totally and completely separate from my “Like…” ‘verse it’s only a glimpse into an Alternate version of that and as I said earlier this is a one-shot, and I will not be continuing it in any way. You have been warned. Twice.

So if you still want to read it…

Here ya go... )

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"Write me a story..." she says and I groan. Like it's that easy... just start typing, right? She knows better, she's a writer too! LOL

I say, I can't do that, no way... without even a prompt or anything? What pairing? What about?...

Oh anything, she says... a couple of pages, just a little sweet story...

It's late... so I beg off for the night and go to sleep. Naturally when I wake up at 5am the request is still rattling around in my head. "Write me a story..."

So, fine! I do. I send it off, as requested at oh... 8 or 9... around 10 the message comes back... Lovely!... post it! or something along those lines. Grrr... It hasn't even been beta read yet! So I'm here, grinding my teeth together wondering why I'm doing this stuff just because she asks me to! LOL...

So, fine! Here it is. LOL

It's a little crossover story, kinda... Jo/Blair, Xena/Gabrielle
totally rated G nothing nothing Graphic although the women are obviously together
what else am I supposed to say.. I can't remember, I've already told you it's not beta'd... oh... yeah
None of the characters are mine, they all belong to whoever they belong to, and I haven't made a cent off of writing this, although I did make someone smile, so that is cool.

If I say much more this intro is going to be longer than the story! Here ya go.


As Requested... )
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I was driving down the highway today, on the trip to pick up Sarah from school.  It's a fairly boring drive that I've made many MANY times before, so I was chugging along and thinking about the stories, as per usual, when I see a car careening... and yes that is the correct word to use... CAREENING toward me... it swerved into my lane, the crossed back over and hit the shoulder/hill on the other side of the road, then swerved back toward my lane... my first instinct was to hit the brakes, but instead I hit the gas and sped up... if I had hit the brakes, he would have hit me, as it was I only got the spray of dirt from his collision with the shoulder.  In my rear view mirror I saw him swerve back out of my lane and spin out to land on the shoulder/hill.... The truck in front of me quickly turned around to drive back and check on the driver... the car in front of that truck pulled over and stopped, the woman driving got out and RAN back to the wreck... I stopped her as she passed me and asked if she had a cell phone to call for help with, because I didn't have our cell phone with me.  She did... so since I have no medical training and no cell phone to call the authorities I decided the best thing to do was continue on to the school so as not to be in the way.  Honestly though, if I had slowed down instead of sped up I have no problem saying I'd be in the hospital right now, or worse.  He was going FAST.

I texted my husband and told him that I'd been pretty lucky today and to stop to get a lottery ticket on his way home.  He texted back okay and asked what I'd been lucky about, but I told him I'd tell him when he got home... this isn't the kind of story I wanna text to him before he has to drive home.

So everyone, drive safe!
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Hope you have a great day!! :)
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These are some awesome manips... very cool.

It's a sweet concept outfit.  If/when they do make a movie it probably won't look anything like that but this one is very Xena-like and I think it looks great. :)

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Getting ready to go visit my Mom back in my hometown.  She doesn't have internet access so I'll be offline for a while.  Probably until Monday.  I might be able to check in Saturday night or Sunday, but I'm saying Monday just to be safe...LOL.

I'll check messages before I leave tomorrow morning, but my usual quick turn around on messages will not be happening for the next few days. 

I am taking my laptop with me though, so if I do happen to have some time I might be able to work on the stories some. :)

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We've been watching this show called The Big Bang Theory, the main characters are a group of four uber-geeks and a hot blonde gal who lives in the apartment across from two of them.  One of the geeks (Howard) was in a sort of 'friends with benefits' type relationship with a woman he works with and all the four uber-geeks took a trip by train... just before the train left the station, Summer Glau walked into the car they were sitting in... obviously, immediately, the guy with the girlfriend wanted to hit on Summer... This is how it went when the super-uber-geek (Sheldon) found out the guy wanted to hit on Summer.

Sheldon - "I thought you were in a relationship with Leslie?"
Howard - "Let me explain to you how this works."  Gesturing to the back table where Summer was sitting he informed his friend. "That's Summer Glau!"
Sheldon - "and?"
Howard - "That's it!"

LOL... I KNEW he was going to say that too. I mean, seriously.  LOL
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For Disclaimers see Part 1

Like Life - Part 32 - Conclusion


Like Life - Conclusion )
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For Disclaimers see Part 1

Like Life - Part 31


Like Life - Part 31 )

On to the Conclusion
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For Disclaimers see Part 1

Like Life - Part 30


Like Life - Part 30 )

Nearly finished!
On to Part 31


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